A GEM in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.                                                                                  Natural Oils, Spices, Vinegars, Fabulous Staff and will ship

During our recent trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming we fell upon a unique store, VOM FASS.  What stood out initially was the clean, Scandinavian interior style with wood shelving and glass decanters filled with various naturally made oils, vinegars in an array of flavors and a fabulous selection of European and local wines.  The delightful staff were all to anxious to have us sample various options from Port Wine to a French Burgundy……..my favorite the Chianti….. which had a case I shipped to my home.

Check out their items on the site below and ….. I highly encourage you to call and order directly from the store.  Free Shipping with a minimum order of $125 (includes shipping wine).

You never know when or where you’ll find a Gem!!!

VOM FASS website

Muffin time!

I love a good muffin for an afternoon pick me up… finding a moist gluten free low sugar option can be a challenge….

However, today after multiple failed attempts I made amazing Pumpkin Raisn Walnut gluten free muffins. Thank you to http://www.kitchenstewardship.com for the recipe …. I did make a few adjustments.

Garbanzo bean flour instead of buckwheat flour, 1/4 c coconut sugar + 1/2 c swerve (sugar replacement) instead of honey.

A little butter and fig preserves and my afternoon looks much brighter.

Pumpkin muffin recipe