So much to do… so little time!  And, the day doesn’t start any better then after a refreshing, challenging barre class.  Barre wasn’t always my favorite.  Initially, I was a nautilus workout girl, aerobic enthusiast, Fonda follower, Jazzercise Instructor, runner, walker, roller blade fool (… not the best after a serious shoulder injury)  best to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground!!!!

And, now…having taught fitness classes for over 30 years, I’ve been consistently impressed with teaching and taking barre classes for the past several years.  With a focus on posture, alignment, length, balance and tone… barre offers an array of options for the beginner to intense variations for advanced enthusiasts.

A few of my favorite streaming sites include; Physique57, Suzanne Bowen Fitness, Cardio Barre (I have the DVD’s) and Gaia which is primarily a yoga site, however offer a variety of streaming classes with subscriptions.

One other ‘shout out’ to The Barre Code.  Although I have not had the pleasure of trying their classes, I do love the philosophy stated here:

images (1)

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